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At Happy Home, we understand that manpower is the cornerstone of any successful organization. As leading manpower exporters, we specialize in providing the right individuals for the right jobs, ensuring seamless operations and maximum productivity for our clients worldwide.

Our Commitment

With a steadfast commitment to excellence, we have cultivated a vast database of skilled workers, enabling us to match the perfect candidates with diverse roles across a multitude of industries and sectors. Our track record speaks for itself, with over 35,000 workers successfully placed in various trades and countries, contributing to the success of our clients’ endeavors.

Your Partner in Success

At Happy Home, we are more than just a manpower provider – we are your strategic partner in achieving your business objectives. With our extensive network, industry expertise, and dedication to excellence, we ensure that your workforce requirements are met with precision and efficiency, empowering your organization to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

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Diverse Expertise

8-Hvac Technicians
9-Drywall Installers
10-Concrete Workers
11-Tile Setters
12-Insulation Installers
14-Heavy Equipment Operators
15-Construction Laborers
1-Petroleum Engineers
4-Drilling Engineers
5-Rig Technicians
6-Wellhead Operators
7-Production Operators
8-Pipeline Operators
9-Instrumentation Technicians
10-Electrical Technicians
11-Mechanical Technicians
12-Chemical Engineers
13-Environmental Specialists
14-Safety Inspectors
15-Logistics And Supply Chain Specialists
16-Project Managers
17-Health And Safety Professionals
18-Maintenance Technicians
1-Truck Drivers
2-Pilots (For Air Transportation)
3-Ship Captains And Crew (For Maritime Transportation)
4-Railroad Engineers And Conductors
5-Aircraft Maintenance Technicians
6-Automotive Mechanics Dispatchers
7-Air Traffic Controllers
8-Cargo Handlers
9-Logistics Coordinators
10-Freight Brokers
11-Port Workers
12-Traffic Managers
13-Warehouse Workers
14-Fleet Managers
1-Warehouse Supervisors
2-Forklift Operators
3-Inventory Clerks
4-Order Pickers
5-Packers And Packagers
6-Shipping And Receiving Clerks
7-Material Handlers
8-Warehouse Associates
9-Quality Control Inspectors
10-Maintenance Technicians
11-Data Entry Clerks
12-Warehouse Managers
13-Logistics Coordinators
14-Safety Officers
15-It Support Staff For Warehouse Management Systems
2-Agricultural Technicians
3-Crop Growers
4-Livestock Farmers
7-Agricultural Engineers
8-Irrigation Specialists
9-Pest Control Experts
10-Soil Scientists
11-Equipment Operators
12-Farm Laborers
13-Agricultural Researchers
14-Agricultural Inspectors
15-Farm Managers
1-Front Desk Staff
4-Food And Beverage Servers
5-Chefs And Cooks
7-Event Planners
8-Reservation Agents
9-Spa Therapists
10-Maintenance Technicians
11-Security Personnel
12-Guest Relations Managers
13-Banquet Servers
14-Room Attendants
15-Valet Parking Attendants
1-Sales Associates
3-Store Managers
4-Assistant Managers
5-Visual Merchandisers
6-Stock Clerks
7-Customer Service Representatives
8-Loss Prevention Specialists
9-Inventory Managers
10-Retail Buyers
11-E-Commerce Specialists
12-Fulfillment Center Workers
13-Retail Marketing Specialists
14-Product Demonstrators
15-Store Planners And Designers
1-Emergency Medical Technicians (Emts)
3-Advanced Emts (Aemts)
4-Critical Care Paramedics
5-Flight Paramedics
6-Emergency Medical Dispatchers
7-Community Health Workers
8-Medical Assistants
9-Patient Care Technicians
10-Respiratory Therapists
11-Occupational Therapists
12-Physical Therapists
13-Speech-Language Pathologists
14-Clinical Laboratory Technicians
15-Radiologic Technologists
4-Commercial Cleaners
5-Carpet Cleaners
6-Window Cleaners
7-Floor Care Specialists
8-Environmental Services Technicians
9-Industrial Cleaners
10-Maid Services
11-Sanitation Workers
12-Biohazard Remediation Technicians
13-Pressure Washing Technicians
14-Graffiti Removal Specialists
15-Specialized Cleaning Technicians (E.G., Crime Scene Cleanup, Mold Remediation)
1-Front Desk Staff
4-Room Service Attendants
5-Bellhops/Porters valet Parking Attendants
6-Maintenance Technicians
7-Security Personnel
8-Food And Beverage Servers
10-Chefs And Cooks
11-Restaurant Hosts/Hostesses
12-Event Planners/Coordinators
13-Spa Therapists
14-Fitness Center Instructors
1-Truck Drivers
2-Delivery Drivers
3-Bus Drivers (Public Transit, School Buses, Charter Buses)
4-Taxi And Ride-Share Drivers
6-Train Operators (Locomotive Engineers)
7-Subway Operators
8-Tram Or Streetcar Drivers
9-Shuttle Drivers (Airport Shuttles, Hotel Shuttles)
10-Limousine Drivers
11-Courier Drivers
12-Forklift Operators (For Warehouse And Logistics)
13-Boat Captains And Crew (For Maritime Transportation) 14-Pilots (For Air Transportation) 15-Motorcycle Couriers
1-Pastry Chefs
2-Bread Bakers
3-Cake Decorators
4-Bakery Assistants

2-Boat Captains
3-Fish Processors
4-Fishery Observers
5-Fish Farmers

Bike Riders:
1-Bicycle Couriers
2-Delivery Cyclists
3-Bicycle Tour Guides
4-Bike Rental Shop Attendants
5-Bicycle Mechanics

Client Engagement and Manpower Supply Process

Receive Manpower Demand from Client

The client initiates the process by approaching Happy Home Worldwide Manpower Exporters and providing details of their work force requirements. This includes specifying the number of workers needed, their skill levels, and any additional facilities the client intends to provide to the supplied manpower. This initial communication serves as the foundation for the subsequent steps in the engagement.

Verify Client Information & Suitability

Upon receiving the client’s demand, Happy Home Worldwide Manpower Exporters diligently verifies the credibility of the client through governmental channels and other reliable sources. This step is crucial as it ensures the suitability of the client and country, considering our responsibility for the well-being and guarantee of the provided manpower. This verification process is fundamental to maintaining high standard of services and accountability

Send Proposal to Client

If the verification process is successful, Happy Home Worldwide Manpower Exporters proceeds to send a comprehensive proposal or a letter of intention to the client. This document outlines the further procedures, including bearable costs by the client, terms and conditions, and necessary documents required.


The client is expected to bear expenses such as visa, joining, air ticket, medical, visa endorsement fees, airport tax, government tax, department of labor charges, orientation, and agency recruitment fees. The detailed costing is determined through discussions between Happy Home Worldwide Manpower Exporters and the client. It’s highlighted that no additional charges are imposed on the worker, and the client provides the visa free of cost.

Required Documents

The necessary documents vary basedon the country and embassy provisions. Key documents include the following eight documents:
1. Demand Letter
2. Power of Attorney
3. Consular Letter
4. Employment Contract
5. Service Agreement (Opt)
6. Guarantee Letter (Opt)
7. Company Registration Copy (Opt)
8. Visa Approval Slip (Opt

Terms and Conditions:

The terms and conditions adhere to the Foreign Employment Act of Pakistan, focusing on the benefits and rights of the workers. These include deployment within 15 days of receiving the visa, adherence to the specified salary and facilities, and compliance with the Pakistani Government’s directives for worker benefits. As per the directives of the Government of Pakistan the client should offer the following facilities to the workers in written contract:
  • Salary
  •  Accommodation
  •  Food
  •  Transportation
  •  Medical facilities
  •  Insurance of workers
  •  8 hours per day maximum
  •  Six days a week maximum
  •  21 days leave in a year
  •  Residence permit
  •  Over time (O.T) if worked more than 8 hours a day The contract should clearly state the rules regarding the above facilities

Initiate Agreement/Contract with Client:

Upon mutual agreement between Happy Home Worldwide Manpower Exporters and the client, and upon fulfillment of all requirements, an official agreement or contract is executed. This document solidifies the terms & conditions, ensuring clarity & commitment from both parties.

Commence Internal Process of Manpower Supply

With the agreement in place, Happy Home Worldwide Manpower Exporters initiates its internal processes to supply the agreedupon manpower to the client. This includes coordination, logistics, and the necessary arrangements to fulfill the contractual obligations efficiently.

Internal Process of Client Demand Fulfillment

In order to meet and exceed client expectations, our internal processes are meticulously designed to ensure excellence in client demand fulfillment. We prioritize a seamless workflow that begins with a thorough understanding of client requirements. Our dedicated teams collaborate closely to streamline communication channels, fostering efficient information exchange. Rigorous quality checks are embedded within each stage, guaranteeing that deliverables not only meet but surpass client expectations. This commitment to excellence empowers us to consistently deliver results that align with our clients’ visions and elevate their satisfaction levels.
We look into our extensive data bank and create a fresh pool that will be shortlisted after interviews Candidates who exhibit the desired skills and capabilities move forward in the selection process. Shortlisted workers are then called for document verification and further three assessments; skill assessment, behavioral assessment and medical examination. With all assessment findings and documents, the information is sent to the client for the final selection process. Once the client’s confirmation is received, we initiate our documentation process and dispatch a set of essential documents to start the immigrant process. Upon the successful application for a work permit, clients will receive the granted work permits. Upon receiving the issued work permit, we promptly submit the work permit, to the relevant embassy. The embassy then schedules an interview date as part of the visa endorsement process. Then, we diligently obtain the protector from the protector office, finalizing all necessary details to guarantee the secure departure of our workers to the client’s location. We conduct orientation sessions for workers, providing insights into local culture, traditions, rituais, and social practices. The final step involves ensuring a smooth journey for workers.
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